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Affiliate (Affiliate network) Affiliate Networks are a group of World Wide Web sites that display your brand and sell your products in the context of their content. Sporting goods can be sold to users who are interested in sports. Scuba diving books can be sold on scuba diving sites, nutritional, dietary supplements and vitamins are sold on health sites, and so on. In short, you display your merchandise directly on the affiliate Web sites, driving sales back through your existing electronic storefront. 

Web Site - a hosted site placed on a server that is connected to the world wide web, where you put specific info you want place there.

Home Page - the page provided by many internet sites where your browser usually starts first.  This is like your home base.  You can usually customize it to some extent.  But you don't control the content.
Netizens - one who surfs the net and usually joins communities and participates in the internet.
Snail mail - US Postal Service Mail system - normal mail.
E-Commerce (b-commerce, e-comm) -  Almost any kind of business conducted on the Internet.
Banner Exchange
Cookies: Cookies are small files stored on the visitor's computer  which record information that is of interest to the visited site. Despite concerns that some people have, cookies are in no way dangerous -- and can not be used to steal names, email addresses, phone or credit card numbers. With affiliate programs, cookies have two primary functions: to keep track of what a customer purchases, and to track which affiliate was responsible for generating the sale (and is due a commission).  The Internet Marketing Chronicles


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