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    I hope you use this page as a bookmark and resource.  Come here often and use the tools. You are welcome back anytime.  


    I have spent many frustrated hours surfing the web.  Just trying to learn about web design and just were to find practical stuff that isn't just selling you something after the hook.  You will find things for sale on this site, but we try to let you know up front what to expect.  


    This page is dedicated to making your trip easier.  You will find links and commentary that 'lend' you my experiences.  I hope you might share some of yours back with me.  E-mail me or tell a friend about this site.


    So lets get started.  Scroll down to see the tool listings. There are things for the beginner, things for the webmaster,  and things that will get your website out there faster.  Click on some of these links.  (I'll tell you up front, some are paid and some are just great and useful links.  But all are ones I discovered the hard way and  appreciate today.)



Where to get Free Tools and Hosting ...

These are in order of preference left to right.
Free Hosting Tripod
Web Education Jimworld B) Free Design Test
Domain Names Get a name Who owns the name you want?
Gif Animations Gifanim.htm  
Software and other addins - you have to see to believe.  


Good Help on... 

C) Learn design—Online
General Web Subjects Web Site Checklist with explanations Meta tags and Promotion
Java and what it can do for you. Developer helps HTML, Java, JavaScript, LDAP, Security, XML...


 Site Testing ...each site has good and bad so you need to use more than one to get a good picture of your site's characteristics.

These are in order of preference left to right.
Testing and shirking images Great free site. Make your pictures load faster. Really want to sell you something, but can learn something.
Search Engine Simulator  
Meta Tag Testing This site is Several helps at this site.
General Diagnotics

Checked by NetMechanic This is the best free tool out there for general testing and HTML debugging. You have to try this one.

NetMechanic: Power Tools for Your Web Site You will have to join Netscape but works on any hosted site.
Check Ranking  
General Analysis



 Webmaster Tools...

These are in order of preference left to right.
Submit/Promote This is the best I have found! Period.  
Shopping carts    
Security Try adding a touch of security for your surfers and make a little yourself.  

Family-Friendly Site

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