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Welcome to the pictures and dogs we find interesting.  Click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture.  Please enjoy them responsibly. 

  stainglassdog.jpg (17013 bytes)

Stain glass trophy at the Texas Specialty - March 2000

  CaptiveSlave.jpg (49965 bytes)

The Captive Slave - by C. Hancock 

This is a great example of an early Bullmastiff.  Not a great example of the proper care of a Bullmastiff.

  Bullyhead4.jpg (8619 bytes) Great example of current balanced head type and well trained ears.
  MartiRobins.jpg (25385 bytes) This is an original from Marti Robins a beloved breeder and artist.
  Bullmastiff Etching by Marshall T. Barton Marshall Barton has enjoyed his dogs alot.  They were often a favorite subject for art class.  
  Susan and Fred at DOX Bullmastiffs Susan and Fred had many wonderful years together.  Here they enjoy a moment together at the farm. 
  ivanfall.jpg (19861 bytes) Ivan one of the best at DOX.


  familydogs.jpg (19978 bytes) The stair is a cornucopia of life. It is joyful to be with great kids and dogs.
  bgrandkid.jpg (10022 bytes) Mr. B died Spring 2000, but he lives on as his grandkid heads for Italy.  Holding is Bill Miller of Dox Kennel.
  dickman2.jpg (23062 bytes) Murphy (Dickman) is right at home with his good friend Sparky (Boston Terrier) the famous 'Weather dog' from Milwaukee Wisconsin.  (Picture, as seen on TV, courtesy of P. Dickman.)  


  WinstonRogers.jpg (14962 bytes) This is Bishop Winston Rogers.  He lives with a Lab and is becoming indispensable in the Roger's household.  (Thank Tracy for the great picture.)
  brit.gif (163081 bytes)

Britandpuppy.jpg (13060 bytes)

Sarah and Mike caught Brit alone and then with the new puppy.  New life for the old bitch. One old and one new; a great way to own Bullmastiffs.  (Thank Sarah for the pictures.)





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