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Find products that stand up to Bullmastiffs!  Links you might like or find interesting.

Fast FreddyDOX Bullmastiffs This is one of the premier Bullmastiff kennels in the country.
AKC - American Kennel Club This is the best all around site.  We don't necessarily agree with everything.
Bullmastiff Official Breed Standard - AKC This is our standard for breeding.
Bullmastiff Official Breed Standard - UKC We do not register here.  But interesting.
Best Guard Breed Ranking Independent breed assessment - this breed is not aggressive but certainly fits the other traits.

This is an interesting listing of Bullmastiff site from mostly countries other than the US.


Dog things on the internet that bug me?


Information about a breed that is not true and probably was generated by someone with limited experience with the breed.  (Too small a statistical sample).  Remedy -- Find a breeder that has been with enough animals to understand the real breed characteristics. 
Dog websites that put out information but don't make an attempt to tell you who they are.  At our site you can find out who we are and call us if you want to know more.  We don't have an axe to grind -- we just love Bullmastiffs.

If you need a web page, WE CAN HELP!

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