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Special breeds are required to lay brown eggs.


Try using brown eggs for your Easter Eggs! The results are designer earth tones and are very beautiful.





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Our eggs are collected by hand


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  Valtris Estates produced natural brown eggs for 11 years.  They were a natural brown egg from free-running birds; hand washed with water only; graded and candled to Wisconsin Grade-A Standards.  Our brown eggs were delivered fresh every week to a store near you in the Madison, Wisconsin area.  The eggs were dated so you know they are fresh

Brown eggs - great for lunch!  Valtris Estates brown eggs were produced for you, just the way you like them.  We cared for our brown egg layers in an old-fashion way.  Our work was done by hand and the birds were housed in a group house.  Our brown egg layers were free to mingle and socialize

Brown eggs - great for dinner!  These brown eggs were collected by hand twice per day and washed with water only.  They were even color sorted to give you a nice looking brown egg dozen.  Even our egg carton was friendly.  They were made in California from recycled  paper  

Brown eggs - nutritional anytime.  By the way, if you want to continue this recycling, bring the cartons back to the store where you purchased our brown eggs.  We will refresh and reuse the good ones.  Thanks for you help.  Recycling cartons helps with waste and helps us keep our cost to you low  

Ann's fast food from Valtris Estates - brown eggs  Ann was the brown egg person at Valtris Estates.  She was in charge of eggs.  You may see her at the stores when she delivers on Wednesdays.  Wave if you do.  She was always ready to answer your questions about Valtris Estates brown eggs

Check for Valtris Estates brown eggs in Madison, WI stores  In the near future we will have more about our brown eggs and our chicken flock.  Please keep checking


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