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Practical Agriculture for the .

    At Valtris Estates we have a unique relationship with agriculture and the city.  Valtris Estates owns 39.5 acres of land outside of Madison, WI close to a little town called Stoughton, WI.  We are rural, but the issues of urban sprawl are hotly debated in this area.  (More on that some other time.) 

    Eleven years ago, we started producing brown eggs at Valtris Estates.  We wanted to supply the best natural eggs possible.  But practical constraints (not compromises) played a role in how we produce the final product.  We have a good egg and you could sample one, if you ever get close to the Madison area.  (Click here for a list of our retail partners.) 

    Through the process of producing and marketing Valtris Estates brown eggs, we met some very neat and interesting people.  Most were urbanities and many knew food issues from only one point of view.  Over time, we have won their respect and been rewarded when they listened to our more rural, agricultural view.  We both came away better educated having moved toward a more practical point of view. 

    So why practical agriculture for the ?  

    Easy.  If we could have fun and influence on a local level,  maybe we could have even more fun helping others on a more global scale too.  Worth a try, don't you think?  

    To start with,  we will try hard to provide interesting things right here for you to read and enjoy.  All of us at Valtris Estates will keep our eyes and ears pealed to find even more stuff for you to enjoy.  You will also find links that help in the pursuit.  On another page, we will have answers to your questions.  The webmaster will answer them if possible and post the best here for all to read.  He doesn't have all the answers but you can bet he'll have an opinion. (Bet you will be surprised by some of them!

    This can be practical and fun!  You can help shape the topics by e-mailing the webmaster for the (i.e. What is the real low down (latest research) on diary products, milk, calcium and the like in our diet?)

Ag Sources and Resources

Below you will find some interesting and fun agricultural search engines. 
Sustainable  Ag Links from USDA Informative Interesting links to many useful sites.
Urban Angler Fun Fishing close to home.
Agfind Informative Try searching 'urban agriculture' for some interesting results.
Food Coop Index Informative Resource for food and other cooperatives throughout the country and world.
IDFA Site Resource  List of Major Ag and Food Sites
ATTRA site Resource  List of measurements and formula for agriculture.


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