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Why did the webmaster build this site the way he did?

1) First let me say that I spent more than three weeks just researching for this site.  Some time was spent surfing and studying other web sites.  More time was spent reading about web design.  On the web, there are great sites and not-to-great sites.  I want you to enjoy this site.

2)  Because of FrontPage's ability to handle the complete web site, and the fact that I was upgrading to MS 2000 premium, I choose FrontPage as my html editor.  It does require that you use Internet Explorer to take advantage of all the viewing features.  You can install both on your machine.  They are free.  I also have to have the site hosted where 'extension' are available. I found a good one, Bizland.com.

3)  I also decided that Internet Explorer suits the viewer needs very well. (I have no great connection to Bill, but I remember computers in the early '80s when nothing was compatible or shared.) The best command on Explorer is the 'full screen' button.  It improves your web experience.  Looking at web pages in 'full screen' makes reading large pages and content much easier and more enjoyable.   Movement between the full and normal screen is very well handled.  Try it out -- I bet you will like it.  The footer on each page has a link for the download.

Just keep asking and we'll keep on answering .  

All for now.  Thanks for your interest.  Valtris Estates Webmaster

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