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Fast Freddy - Owned by John and Susan Crawford - DOX Bullmastiffs

    Welcome to Valtris Estates Kennel, Stoughton, Wisconsin.  We raise Bullmastiffs.  This is an 12 year love affair with the great Bullmastiff breed.  Our kennel is known for high quality, smooth moving Bullmastiffs that are very athletic.   On these pages you will find pictures, training lessons, links and more.  We hope you enjoy.

    We think of ourselves as your 'home Bullmastiff puppies love to romp in the grass. town breeder',  and take a great deal of time making sure you and your new puppy are successful.  We specialize in first time owner.  Find out why, once you have owned a Bullmastiff you will just not want anything else.

    Bullmastiffs are about 100-130 pounds.  They are the only guard breed considered good with children.  This great family dog has a stable, calm temperament and really is the gentle giant.  But as with any breed, you should meet adult animals before purchasing a puppy. 

    If you would like to know more, write us at bullmastiffs@barton.bizland.com .

    While you are considering different breeds you may want to look at some books.  While no book is perfect,  do some reading and work closely with a good breeder.  Look for books under these keywords... Bullmastiff, Training, or search for

 your own.                       

We have a written some Bullmastiff articles for you from our experience.  They are free to read.  Please respect the copyright.  

     We hope you have a wonderful Bullmastiff experience.

Bullmastiff Manual

new and used

Peerless Protector

new and used

new and used

Other Bullmastiff Books 

Articles for you to read

    Lessons we learned by working with the Bullmastiff breed.  These are articles I will write over time from our experiences as breeders.  Email me if you have others you would like addressed or want to move one up the priority list.  

Three Lessons Every Dog Needs to Know!
Lesson 1 - The Dominance Rollover.

Lesson 2 - Anyone can take Anything out of its mouth at Anytime.

Lesson 3 - No open mouth activity to a human - Period. 
'You can't teach nothing!' by Betsy 
Future Articles
What are you saying when you say 'I just want a pet quality Bullmastiff' 
Expectations the key to success with your puppy.
What a good breeder does for you.  (How that helps you win with your puppy.)
Why should puppies be with their littermate pack until 8-10 weeks?
Are there problems with early delivery of 6 week puppies?
House training your puppy when you pick it up from Valtris Estates.
How does a normal Bullmastiff puppy act?
So you want a Bullmastiff - How to pick the right breed and right puppy for you.
Feeding a Bullmastiff for the First Two Years.
The Bullmastiff owners toolkit. 
The Crate - a tool for happy dogs and happy owners
Life long friends - What makes Bullmastiffs so great.
Bullmastiffs the 'Rare' Breed.
Obedience training for a Bullmastiff.
How many Bullmastiffs should I own?
When should I spay or neuter my Bullmastiff?

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