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  Contained within you will find serious and  fun topics; Woodworking. Bullmastiffs, dog training, brown eggs, web helps, family tree information, and more.  Valtris Estates is centered around the parts of our personal lifestyle interests that you'll find useful or interesting.   Valtris Estates is structured so those interests show on the navigation bars.  From these pages you will find links to other related topics of a more general nature (Brown Eggs --> Agriculture)  (Nascar fans --> Cars)  etc.   

    We are working toward being the place where urban and rural people find common ground on issues, brown eggs, likes, dislikes, and living.  It would be a great joy for us if you find Valtris Estates a fun and useful web stop.  Our staff will work to help you find good, up-to-date info each time you visit.   One of our missions is to provide web help whether you are new to surfing or an experienced user.  

    'Bookmark' us now for agriculture, urban issues, recipes, Bullmastiffs, dog training,  etc.  We would be pleased if you signed our guest book .  It is a great way to provide a link from our site to yours if you have a site.  If you don't have a web site we can help two ways;  1) low cost web sitea are available at bizland.com and they are very business like,   2) or go to our web design page and we will help you get started. 

    We hope you enjoy it and will respond by e-mail with questions, kudos, comments, or tell a friend about the site.


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Check it out-->  You Can't Not Teach Nothing.  A perspective on interaction with your animal pets. 



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